Date Description
03-03-2014 Starting with full restauration
23-04-2006 Added Clubspecial Zandvoort pictures from today
30-11-2005 Start report of the gearbox repair.
26-09-2005 Added Clubspecial Zandvoort pictures from 25-09-2005
05-07-2005 - Toerrit Brabant 2005 pictures added.
- Final solution for the air intake.
30-01-2005 new item, other Mohr Rush drivers. If you know any let me know.
23-01-2005 continuing story of the air intake changes.
09-01-2005 adapted idle speed control finished.
30-12-2004 Added start of air intake improvement.
24-12-2004 Everybody a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
23-12-2004 Added Nedstat counter.
11-12-2004 Initial setup of the web site.