Car History

The German company Mohr (1986-1996) developed in 1986 a replica of the Lotus Super Seven, and named it Rush. In 1996 the company continued under the name Autohaus Gorgus till 2000. At that point Jörg Glauner (Autohaus Glauner) came in the picture, where the car is still produced today.

Autohaus Glauner

Did you know that in the early 1990's a cooperation between Mohr and DJ Sportscars created the Dax Rush. Another Rush still in production.

This car is build in July 1994 by Mohr-Straubenhardt in Germany. The first use of the car was by Mohr itself as a demo car. The first owner bought the car in July 1995, and this is the first time it came on the public road. From July 1995 till 12 Sept. 2000 the car has been driven only in the summer time. And 12 Sept. 2000 the owner took the car from the road ("Stillegung").

At that point there was about 2500 km on the meter, when 22 June 2003 the car was found in this state:

Then the metamorphose of the car started :-)

THE END (of the history at least), because the car is now fulfilling my boys dream and I hope to enjoy it for a long time.