Gearbox repair

Last September (2005) at the Clubspecial on Circuitpark Zandvoort we had a perfect ride and everything was working perfectly (as you can see from the picture gallery).
At the end of the day we drove off to head for home and just before the exit of the Circuitpark I had to park the car aside of the road because I could not get it into gear anymore. The stick was lose in my hand. I had a look and immediately thought that we would be home later as planned. So I called the ANWB for assistance. After an hour of waiting (there where 2 other cars with problems just 50 meters ahead) the ANWB guy had a look and he also did not have a quick solution for the problem. Which meant the tow truck!

We had to wait at least another hour before it arrived, but we and the car where delivered at home. And when we finally arrived at home, the tow truck driver even assisted in pushing the car into the garage.

The problem.

Engine and gearbox in front of ....

Very empty!

MT75 gearbox

I have not spent any time in the garage during the winter, but it is about time to continue. During the winter I've thought about changing the gear ratios and buying a nice remote linkage with quick shift from Westfield:

But I've also thought about another engine and have looked at the Ford Zetec/Duratec with throttle bodies, fast cams and programmable ECU and some turbo engines like the Opel C20LET and the Audi 1.8T. And I found out that it is almost as expensive to tune a normal engine to around the 200 bhp as using a turbo charged engine. Then I prefer a turbo charged, because a tuned non-turbo engine is less pleasant for the normal cruising around and with the turbo it is all about control of your own foot ;-).
When I was looking at the other engines, I found out that most of the engines prefer a Ford T9 gearbox. Because this gearbox has a detachable bell-house and an adapted bell-house is available for most type of engines. This made me decide not to invest in my Ford MT75 gearbox anymore.

And then I came across the Honda F20C (2.0 vtec, 240 bhp, 210 Nm and max. 9000 rpm without turbo). It is used in the Honda S2000, a rear wheel drive cabrio. The engine and 6 speed gearbox are in-line and used to power the rear. This engine gives more then enough power without the disadvantages of a tuned normal engine and without a turbo hole. This could be a real project for next years winter ;-)

The standard remote linkage from the MT75 has been welded thoroughly, and its about time to place the engine back where it belongs.

Time to hit the roads again ;-)


I saw some other solutions for the MT75 remote linkage,

This is how it now looks on my rush, and it really feels fantastic.